​​The Common Gentry Carriage Co.

​We also have quarter horses which we compete with nationally, and train for both
Team  Penning and Team Sorting and Cutting. Common Gentry Company also has 
Registered  Quarter horses for sale at the Amateur, Novice, and Open levels.  
This includes geldings and mares.  If we do not have a horse that fits your needs, 
​we can help you find one. 

Heron Marsh Farms “Tess”is  a registered 
Percheron. She is Covergirl's mother
& loves peppermints & veggie sticks.
Tess has been shown at International 
& National  Percheron Horse Shows
& has won several Championship Awards.


Our Quarter Horses

Poco “Miya” is a registered quarter horse
with the American Quarter Horse
“Bingo” Dixie Peppy is a registered quarter horse or cutting horse. He is top
in his class and has won several ribbons.
A cutting horse is an athletic & willing animal that possesses an innate "cow sense”. Bingo has the ability to respond quickly and turn sharply making him a great competitor.A horse and rider are judged on their ability to separate a single animal away from a cattle herd and keep it away for a short period of time.

Our Horses

Common Gentry Carriage Company uses champion Percheron horses for our horse and carriage business.  The Percheron is a breed of draft horse that originated in the Huisne river valley in western France, part of the former Perche province from which the breed takes its name. Percheron horses are known for their intelligence and willingness to work, making them an ideal choice for a horse and carriage company. If we do not have a horse that fits your needs, we can help you find one.

Meet the Boys and Girls of the Common Gentry Carriage Company: